Event Support Services | Staging Services

Staging is more than just the platform to make your presentation from. A host of elements are needed to “finish” or support the look. Some examples include;
  • Shade Roof or Rain Roof structures for outdoor stages
  • Portable stages in either 4'x8' or 4'x4' sections
  • Stationary or rolling risers on top of the main stage
  • Risers for Front-of-House sound & lighting control positions
  • Pipe and Drape for masking wings, technician or backstage areas
  • Backdrops, Scrims, and Geo Shapes
  • Scaffolding ground support for loudspeakers, spotlights, or projection equipment
  • Plexiglas Podiums
  • Custom Scenic Sets and Flats
  • Concert Barricade

Let our team know what you envision and we can pull all the necessary elements together for you in a comprehensive package.

"A host of elements are needed to
“finish” or support the look".


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