Event Support Services | Stage Lighting

We at The Show Factory believe lighting is more than just illumination. It is an art that can express emotions, add visual impact, and enhance any event. Designing around your concepts and ideas, we can convey a themed message throughout your entire event.

Every event is unique and will have specific requirements. Some examples of different lighting designs would include the following themes;
  • National Music Artist Stage Lighting
  • Corporate Meeting “Lit for Video”
  • Gala Banquet with Musical Entertainment
  • Themed Party Decorative Lighting
  • Theater or Musical Theater
  • Banquet Table Pin Spotting
  • Architectural Lighting for Grand Openings or Unveilings
  • Television Production
  • Fashion Shows

Your event may require special effects from our lighting department. Some examples of available lighting and atmospheric effects we carry include;

  • Hazers
  • Fog Machines
  • Moving Lights
  • Snow Machines
  • Custom Gobos
  • Confetti Cannons
  • Searchlights

Whatever the needs are, our designers can make your event “one to remember.”


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